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Reassurance can help children with new child custody arrangements

Many parents in Washington and across the country go through divorce. They may have various reasons for believing that this step is right for them. Of course, that does not mean that they do not worry about how their children will adjust to child custody arrangements and the major change in general.

Fortunately, parents can do their best to help their kids handle this transition. They may want to start by providing a line of open communication with their children. It is common for kids to have many questions about what is going to happen, and they may also have a number of emotions that they will struggle with. If parents let their children know that they can talk about anything relating to the divorce, it may help the kids feel more at ease.

It may also help parents to anticipate some of the feelings children may have during this time. They may feel guilty that they somehow contributed to the divorce, and having their parents reassure them that they did not can help immensely. Additionally, children may feel anxious about all of the changes and new arrangements they will have to get used to. Again, parental reassurance and establishing a routine early on could help reduce feelings of anxiety.

Making child custody arrangements is one of the more difficult aspects of divorce. Still, parents can review their options, learn how Washington state laws will affect their case, and work toward an agreement that works best for their kids. Because parents can feel overwhelmed by these changes just like kids can, it may be wise for parents to make sure they have legal support to help them through their proceedings.

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