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Proven representation spanning the wide universe of family law

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Family Law |

A law firm representing that it handles a broad spectrum of family law matters for clients is making a telling statement.

Because family law is a realm perhaps more encompassing than any other legal sphere. Firms that merely dabble in it can hardly claim to offer comprehensive guidance and advocacy.

Individuals seeking legal help for family-linked matters have highly varied — even flatly unique — concerns. One case might spotlight a few straightforward issues tied to an uncontested divorce, with another matter being notably complex, contentious and focused upon multiple considerations.

Only a truly experienced family law practitioner can work comfortably and with demonstrated effectiveness across all relevant dimensions.

The Puyallup law firm of Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC, modestly yet earnestly claims title to that requisite level of experience. Indeed, we routinely bring it to bear on behalf of diverse and valued clients from across Washington State.

And we have done so for nearly three decades. Attorney Gregg E. Bradshaw has worked passionately and unstintingly over that time to deliver optimal client results in cases that affect individuals and families across every conceivable front. Our advocacy extends to these representative matters and more:

  • Divorce and all the attendant issues it can raise in a given case
  • Child-centric concerns ranging from parenting plans to visitation and custody
  • Paternity testing and parental rights
  • Adoption representation (both open and closed)
  • Asset division (identification, valuation and distribution)
  • Financial support for children and, in some cases, ex-spouses

Washington residents with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of family law can turn to our firm in confidence and rely upon a well of deep experience that materially informs client representation.

We welcome contacts to Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC, and the opportunity to help valued clients secure optimal results to all their family law challenges.

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