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Getting your best chance in your divorce

If you and your spouse have struggled and are talking about divorce, you might worry about how to navigate the process. Divorce can be contentious no matter which side of the proceedings you are on. Before either of you file the paperwork, understand some of the ways...

Child support payment options in Washington

If you owe child support, having a clear understanding of your obligations as well as your options is pivotal. Aside from looking into the possibility of modifying your child support order, you should also review the different payment methods available. Even though...

Can whiplash cause a stroke?

While most vehicles on the road today have numerous safety features, motor vehicle accidents still injure an alarming number of Americans each year. Whiplash, of course, is one of the most common accident-associated injuries. According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash...

What you should know about child support

In the event that you and your ex are not able to reach a custody agreement, you may have to go to court for a resolution. Courts will mandate that one parent pay child support to the other as a way of ensuring that both parents have sufficient funds to support their...

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