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How can I annul my marriage?

An annulment erases a marriage and makes it as if you were never in the relationship. The state only allows this option in some limited cases. The Washington Courts explain when you submit your application for an annulment, you must choose the reason for the request,...

Seeking paternity as a single father

If you have a child outside of marriage, you must file for legal paternity to preserve your rights as a father. Washington state offers several routes for men in this situation. Learn more about establishing paternity in Washington and the benefits of doing so....

How can you co-parent the wrong way?

If you have recently started to co-parent your children, there is a lot for you to consider. Co-parenting can become a struggle for a lot of newly divorced parents. According to Today's Parent, there are ways that you can make the whole process easier. Here are some...

Should we “nest?”

Rebuilding your life after a divorce is often one of the most difficult parts of the process. Particularly if you and your ex-spouse have children together, it is highly likely that you will need to continue a relationship with them in order to effectively parent in...