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The importance of establishing paternity in a child custody case

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Family Law |

Before making decisions in a custody dispute, it may be necessary to establish paternity. This legal process helps to determine the biological father of a child.

In the realm of child custody cases, there are various reasons why paternity results are so important.

Legal rights and responsibilities

Proving paternity grants both parents specific legal rights and responsibilities regarding the child. These include custody, visitation and financial support obligations. Without establishing paternity, these rights may not be recognized or enforced by the law.

Child’s well-being

Confirming paternity ensures that the child has access to important benefits such as health insurance, inheritance rights and Social Security benefits. It also provides the child with a sense of identity and connection to both sides of their family, contributing positively to their emotional and psychological well-being.

Financial support

Once the test reveals the father’s true identity, he becomes liable for child support payments. These funds are important for the child’s upbringing, including health care, education and basic needs. Paternity results are the first step in ensuring that both parents contribute financially to the child’s welfare, relieving the burden of just one parent.

Healthcare access

Knowing the father’s medical history is helpful for the child’s healthcare. It aids medical professionals in identifying any hereditary conditions or other issues the child may inherit. This information enables better-informed medical decisions and ensures the child receives appropriate care.

Establishing paternity in a child custody case is a fundamental step in resolving custody disputes and promoting the best interests of the child.

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