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Remaining civil during divorce could help cases move forward

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Family Law |

A lot of work goes into building a marriage. Just as much work, if not more, can also go into ending one. Though many Washington residents would likely rather avoid having to go through divorce, it is a common occurrence. If individuals want to have a relatively smooth process, they may want to work on their civility.

It can certainly be trying to remain civil with someone who a person may have had numerous arguments with, especially if the arguments contributed to the divorce. Still, it is often worth the effort to remain as civil as possible throughout the case. If individuals decide to create conflict at every turn, the case can become more stressful, take more time to complete and cost more money.

If former couples have a difficult time remaining civil with in-person communications, they may want to stick to writing. Texts, emails or even handwritten notes may allow a person to get his or her point across easily without having to risk the possibility of in-person conflict. Additionally, having records of communications could come in handy later if a dispute arises or evidence of mistreatment is necessary.

Numerous people often want to get revenge on their exes after being hurt during their relationships, but court is not typically the best place for such actions. Divorce can already be a difficult experience, and intentionally causing more conflict only makes it harder. Washington residents may want to determine how they can help themselves remain civil during their cases and other ways they could help the process move along smoothly.

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