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Designing a parenting plan: Consider these topics

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Family Law |

Your children are all young, and you want to do what’s in their best interests following your divorce. You and the other parent may want to discuss a parenting plan and what kind of plan is going to be best for your kids.

You may have learned about parenting plans that worked for others in the past, but you should know that your situation is unique. As a result, your parenting plan is likely to be as unique as your children. To start with, you and the other parent should go over:

  • A custody schedule that will work for one or more of your children. If you find that not all of your children will do well on the same schedule, you could consider splitting up their time at each home differently from the other kids.
  • Religious upbringing. If one or both of you are religious, talk about how you want to raise your child. You could opt to raise them in both faiths, to choose one or to allow neither, for example.
  • Discuss activities. Talk about what you are okay with your child doing and the activities that would be inappropriate for them.
  • Discuss schooling information. Talk about where you want to send your child to school and what kind of schooling you want to invest in.

These are just a couple of things you’ll want to address in a parenting plan. Of course, there will be many other factors that impact your children, so you’ll want to go over as much as you can with the parenting plan so that you and the other parent can refer back to it if there is ever a dispute.

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