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Should you abstain from Facebook during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Family Law |

The answer to the above question is yes. You should abstain from sharing information on Facebook and all other social media during your divorce. Why? Because FindLaw warns that this information could come back to haunt you at your divorce hearing. 

Over two-thirds of America’s divorce attorneys say that Facebook and other social media provide them with the majority of negative information about their clients’ spouses that they then can use against them. 

Security issues

No matter how stringent your Facebook privacy settings, savvy users, hackers and others, including your possibly angry and vindictive about-to-be former spouse, can access your information with little difficulty. Consequently, not only should you not give them ammunition during your divorce, but you should also delete any pre-divorce posts you made that someone could use to his or her own advantage and against yours. Even with this added precaution, however, you remain at risk for this information winding up in the wrong hands because the people you sent it to reposted it, 

Specific no-nos

Your wisest strategy during your divorce consists of never posting any of the following: 

  • Name and photo of anyone you begin dating 
  • Addresses and photos of any places you contemplate moving to 
  • Photos and descriptions of any major purchases you make 
  • Photos portraying you in sexually suggestive or explicit poses and situations 

While you may find it difficult to refrain from sharing with your family and friends online like you usually do, custody of your children and the amount of your property settlement may well hinge on your social media abstinence during your divorce. 

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