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How a holiday DUI leads to years of high insurance

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

When you head out this holiday season, it may serve you well to have transportation lined up beforehand. Drunk driving convictions spike sharply across Washington and the rest of the nation during the holiday season, and they often take a serious personal, professional and financial toll.

Even a first-time DUI over the holidays means anywhere between hundreds and thousands of dollars in fines alone. Then, reports that you also have to think about how much more you have to pay to insure yourself behind the wheel once you become eligible to drive again.

Steep insurance rate hikes

How much more might you pay for car insurance once you have a conviction for driving under the influence in Washington? As a first-time DUI offender in Washington, plan to watch your automotive insurance rates climb almost 60%.

Before your conviction, you may have ponied up about $1,307 a year to insure yourself when driving. With that DUI, though, this number rises to $2,079, amounting to an annual difference of $772.

Lengthy insurance rate hikes

How long should you anticipate shelling out another $772 a year for insurance coverage after your DUI conviction? In Washington, you should plan on your DUI conviction leading to higher insurance rates for five years following your conviction.

Because you must pay so much more for insurance coverage once you have a DUI, you should think about shopping several providers to see if one offers a better rate than the others. Remember, though, that the insurance company that offers you the most favorable rate prior to your DUI may not be the same one to do so afterward.

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