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What is the difference between army and air force divorces?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Family Law |

The laws about military divorce are relatively standardized between the branches, partly because the armed forces view divorce as a mostly civilian matter. Location-specific guidance is available on most major bases, but local family law attorneys probably also have that information. 

That said, there are some major differences between the rules and procedures. Knowing your rights could help you protect your interests. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself. 

Is active deployment an issue?

As referenced by Military OneSource, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act could delay your divorce case. This typically applies if you or your spouse is on active duty overseas. It could be an advantage if you want time to talk face-to-face, or a challenge if you need to act quickly. 

Do you have children?

Military child support and parenting plans have similarities to civilian plans, but the procedure is slightly different. Still, you might consider factors such as education, visitation, vacations and so on — just like a civilian family. 

How long was your marriage?

If you had a long-term marriage is now ending, pension plans and other assets are probably an issue. Your rights regarding spousal support would also be different than those in earlier divorces. 

What role will military benefits have?

Discounts, commissary access, on-base housing, identification documents: There are many benefits that go along with military families. Various factors could affect your post-divorce access to these, including your service membership, the length of your marriage and so on. 

Organizing the best future for yourself and your family requires knowledge of many different military and civil regulations. Luckily, if you are currently on active deployment, you might have some time to actively prepare. 

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