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Veterans facing drug charges have special opportunities for help

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

When someone has served our country in the armed forces, they deserve all the assistance that they need in dealing with the negative consequences of their service. Unfortunately, if left untreated, things such as PTSD can lead to a host of other problems – such as drug and alcohol dependence. That’s why several counties across the state of Washington have put together special programs to provide military veterans facing drug charges with the assistance they need.

The Veterans Treatment Court

The Pierce County Superior Court and the Pierce County Veterans Bureau have worked together to develop a program for veterans with criminal charges for drug use or possession. This program offers an alternative to jail time or probation for eligible veterans.

The Court designed this program for the purpose of getting to the cause of the issue and reducing the likelihood of a repeat offense. The program seeks to assist the veteran in their quest to overcome the negative effects of their military service and make positive progress in their life that may not come from incarceration.

King County and other counties in Washington have similar programs in place. If you live outside of Pierce County, consult your attorney to see if there is a veterans’ diversion program in your local criminal court.

Requirements for qualifying

There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible for this program. For example, you must be a former or current member of the armed forces, you must live in Washington, and you must be able to commit the necessary time to complete the program.

You will have to undergo certain evaluations and therapy programs, which could vary in both time and extent depending upon your condition. For example, in some cases you could be required to go through inpatient treatment at a facility. You will also need to attend scheduled court hearings.

No veteran of the armed forces should have to confront the trauma of military service alone. Through the use of the Veterans Treatment Court, you have the opportunity to make real and lasting progress despite your drug charges.

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