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How can parental alienation affect you?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Family Law |

Noticing your children pull away from you and increasingly show anger and frustration toward you can make you feel confused and frustrated.

Dealing with an ex-spouse who is trying to alienate you, as well as children who feel angry and hurt, can affect you in many ways.

Less quality time together

According to Psychology Today, your co-parent may purposefully try to keep your children from contacting you, especially by phone or email. Not only can this harm the bond between you and your children, but it can also cause you confusion because you may not get invitations to school events or medical visits like you did before.

Missing out on important life moments can cause an emotional rift between you both, especially if your children are younger.

More fights and frustration

If your children are being manipulated, they can assume negative things about you based on what your ex-spouse tells them. They may pick fights more often with you and even blame you for the divorce.

It can be hard to combat these untrue assumptions about yourself that your children bring up since many alienating ex-spouses can indoctrinate young children to only believe what they say. It leads to a cycle where the more you fight with your children, the more they believe your ex-spouse.

Unfair opinion of you

These lies your co-parent tells your children can lead them to not trust you or even lie to your face. Your children may claim that everything you do is bad, while strongly defending your ex-spouse at all times. Parental alienation can severely impact how you talk with and bond with your children.

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