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Who may struggle with bird nesting?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Family Law |

Cooperative co-parenting methods have grown increasingly more popular in recent years. This provides the children of a divorced couple with additional stability and a sense of normalcy and comfort, thanks to having the continued support of both parents.

However, bird nesting does not work for every family. Some may struggle to make this option work, so it might be better for them to look elsewhere.

Making bird nesting work

Divorce Magazine looks into the benefits of bird nesting, as well as potential difficulties that new parents may run into. Bird nesting involves keeping the child in the family home and alternating out which parent lives with them at any given time. This provides a contrast with the more traditional option that involves the child traveling between both parents’ homes.

However, in order to make bird nesting work, both parents need to have additional housing. They only spend some of their time living in the family home, so they must either have the funds to afford another place to stay or have relatives or friends nearby that they can temporarily room with.

Sustaining a level of trust

On top of that, co-parents need a level of trust and understanding with one another. If one parent does not feel like they can trust the other to act respectfully to the family home or take care of their child in such a one-on-one situation, then this option might not work out.

It is possible to discuss bird nesting in more detail with a divorce attorney. Understanding the positives and negatives can help build a better picture of this option, allowing families to make the decision that will suit them best.

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