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Protecting yourself when driving in inclement weather

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving during inclement weather in Washington might make you feel anxious and uncertain. Intense rain, fog, high winds and even snow can reduce your visibility and put you at a higher risk of crashing.

Knowing how to drive in these conditions may give you more control over your safety. Careful observation of all traffic laws might be all it takes to help you avoid serious injury in a weather-related accident.

Outside your vehicle

If you notice weather warnings on your local news, double-check the forecast before you go anywhere. Sometimes, you might have the chance to refigure your route to avoid areas where the weather will be especially bad. Check the condition of your tires. Make sure they have adequate tread to help you maintain traction on the road.

Always listen to your gut. If severe weather makes you uncomfortable or experts warn against unnecessary travel, stay home. According to, weather-related accidents result in a substantially higher number of fatalities than flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes. Finding an alternative to travel during poor weather could literally save your life.

Inside your vehicle

When preparing to drive in inclement weather, make sure you turn your lights on. This will increase your visibility to other drivers, while also helping you to see better. Clear your windshield and windows of any moisture or debris that may obstruct your view. Store an emergency preparedness kit inside of your vehicle that contains basics including a blanket, flashlight, water, non-perishable food and medical supplies.

Refrain from listening to your music too loudly and never operate your cellphone or other electronic devices. Give your full attention to driving and pull over if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

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