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Reasons single fathers should establish paternity

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Family Law |

A relationship does not have to last long for pregnancy to occur. Even a doomed romance can result in a birth.

You may be the father of a little one whose mother you no longer desire. If so, you have an inherent interest in establishing a biological connection. Doing this puts you in better standing to handle various family law concerns.

Having custody

As a proud papa, spending time with your angel is incredibly important. Legally affirming a genetic link is essential to your right of custody or visitation. Additionally, children do best when fathers play an active role in their lives.

Gifting benefits

Hugs and smiles only bring limited welfare to offspring. Financial support is an equally important responsibility. Proving paternity means your baby can receive an inheritance, even if you pass without a will. Other benefits, such as Social Security and life insurance, are also more accessible.

Reading documents

Parents have a right to school records, medical data and other sensitive information. For you to be the best dad possible, there cannot be restrictions on seeing these papers. Paternity grants you entree to pertinent files.

Providing medical care

Parental identity helps with diagnosing health problems. Doctors and patients review medical histories and match the symptoms with inherited conditions. Matching an organ donor or blood source becomes less trouble when the father of a patient is clear.

There are many reasons why single fathers should establish a genetic link with a child. Owning proof helps you provide the best future possible for your progeny.

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