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How can you succeed at birdnesting with an ex?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Family Law |

Nowadays, parents are finding new ways to handle shared custody and co-parenting. As parents seek options that are in the best interests of their children, ideas like birdnesting have become more popular.

NBC News explains that birdnesting is when the parents decide to let the children live in the family home while the parents cycle in and out per the parenting plan. For example, you would be in the family home on your week and trade during your former spouse’s week. Generally, you will have a second apartment or home to return to when your spouse has your children.

How can birdnesting fail?

Birdnesting can fail if you do not work with your spouse to stay on the same page about nesting. Some couples choose to share an apartment, but you have to trust one another and set clear boundaries for your personal space and other items.

You and your co-parent should be on the same page about how to treat your children within the home. The point of nesting is to keep your children’s routines similar to how they always were. They can have the same routine at home, the same neighborhood friends and the same school.

How can you keep from confusing your children about the divorce?

Nesting can confuse kids about whether you and your ex have a chance of remarrying. Make it clear that this is not the case. Nesting must be temporary or your kids could become too hopeful that you and their other parent want to be together again. Try not to nest for more than six months.

Give your children enough time to acclimate but keep them grounded in the reality of the divorce.

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