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Getting your best chance in your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Family Law |

If you and your spouse have struggled and are talking about divorce, you might worry about how to navigate the process. Divorce can be contentious no matter which side of the proceedings you are on.

Before either of you file the paperwork, understand some of the ways that you can gain the advantage in your divorce proceeding.

File first

If you file first, you become the petitioner. This is an advantage when it comes to litigation. As the petitioner, you get to speak first in court. Not only that, but when you are the one to file, you get to choose the jurisdiction to file in. That means you can choose a court that is more sympathetic to your claims.

Prepare before you file

When you come to the decision that divorce is necessary, take time to gather your documents and financial statements first. Overlooking assets, including retirement funds and investment accounts, can cost you in the asset distribution and settlement phase. Gather copies of everything while you can for later reference.

Decide what matters most to you

The settlement process for asset distribution can be emotional. When you decide what matters most to you from the beginning, you know what you are willing to give up as well. This gives you bargaining power in the settlement negotiations.

Careful thought and preparation can give you an edge in your divorce proceedings. Being the first to file with a carefully prepared case can help you protect your legal interests throughout the divorce.

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