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Can assets influence divorce arguments?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Family Law |

When going through a divorce, many things can influence the process and the outcome itself. Many people believe that assets make up one of the biggest influential factors.

But how true is this? Can assets in a divorce actually influence arguments?

Upper-middle class vs. wealthy divorce

Business Insider discusses rates of divorce in different economic brackets. Couples in the upper-middle class bracket tend to fight so much that the media actually dubbed them “the fighting class”. Despite this, couples firmly located in the wealthy class bracket actually have more amiable divorces than any other bracket.

Why does this happen? Why do wealthier couples have much better chances at a peaceful divorce, while couples with just a little less fortune fight so much?

Some speculate that it boils down to the feelings of financial security tied to wealth rather than the wealth itself.

Feelings of financial security

In short, rich couples feel more financial security. One divorce is often not enough to upset their way of life or even put much of a dent in the sort of indulgences they have.

However, even though couples in the upper-middle class have more wealth than most, it is still not enough for them to feel stable, steady and secure. In turn, this causes the couple to lash out and try to grab as many assets as possible, even if it creates an extremely rocky divorce.

Thus, assets do influence divorce to some degree in many cases. But perhaps it differs from what most people expect in the end.

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