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How A Will Affects Probate

When you lose a loved one, there can be confusion about how to distribute their assets. If your loved one has a will, it will outline their plan for the administration of their estate. Call our lawyer at Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC, to provide you with practical advice.

We have represented the best interest of families in Washington through multiple generations. We commit ourselves to providing practical and effective advice in family legal issues. Our attorney provides personal representation and can help you overcome the challenge of implementing a will.

The Role Of A Will In Probate

A will determines the division of an estate after the death of the testator. Then you will need to prove the validity of the will. An executor will use the will as a guideline to distribute assets. Disputes may arise when you do not inherit the things you want but that does not make the will invalid. However, a lawyer will help investigate if the testator faced manipulation.

Protect your interests and the wishes of your loved one if something seems wrong or family members get contentious. Hire our lawyer today to help you implement the will.

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At Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC, we provide straightforward advice and honest representation. We will act in your best interest inside and outside of court. With personal representation from our lawyer you will benefit from firsthand knowledge about your case. Allow our attorney to help you and your family with the administration of the will.

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