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Divorce For Service Members And Military Spouses

The divorce process can be complicated and lengthy. When one spouse is a member of the military it can be more complex. If you decide to divorce your spouse and either of you are in the military, you will want the assistance of a family lawyer at Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC.

For nearly three decades we have provided legal counsel to military families. We offer straightforward legal advice and honest representation to our clients. We welcome service members and veterans from Joint Base Lewis-McChord. You can trust in our commitment to helping you reach your desired legal resolution.

What To Expect In The Divorce Process

In divorce the two major considerations are children and money. Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC, knows that deployment can be an obstacle in the divorce and child custody process. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protects active duty and deployed service members from legal action while they are away from home.

When it comes to children, military members are required to have family care plans in place but are protected from family court proceedings. For spousal support, ex-spouses of members are eligible to receive a payout of military pension and TRICARE if they meet the 10/10 rule.

To understand your rights, consult our military divorce attorney today.

Service Members Are Welcome In Our Office

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