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Relocation With Shared Custody Can Be Complicated

Sharing custody can be hard enough when you and your child’s other parent live near each other. If one parent decides to move, it can make the task of parenting even harder. Prepare yourself with an experienced family law attorney by your side.

At Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC, we will provide you with the straightforward advice you need to overcome your challenge. You will have your questions and inquiries answered directly by our lawyer. Whether you want to move or you have concerns about your parenting partner’s potential move, we provide reliable legal advice to ensure an outcome that is right by your children.

Filing To Move Away

To file for relocation a parent must follow statutes outlined in Washington laws. You have a right to file for relocation, and you have the right to object a relocation request. A judge can grant you permission to relocate, or they may put a temporary order in place that will prevent the move.

Choosing to speak with a lawyer gives you a chance to share your voice and receive due process. There are laws in place that will shape your outcome, and a lawyer will know how they apply to your situation.

Parental Relocation Attorney

When you or the parent of your child is attempting to relocate, you can rely on the practical advice of Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC. For nearly 30 years we have provided guidance to parents. We are ready to help you.

Call our office in Puyallup, Washington, at 253-256-1255 or you can contact us by email.

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