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Will the court approve my request for relocating with my child?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Family Law |

The good news is that you have received a long-awaited promotion at work. However, this will require you and your young son to relocate across the state.

You must seek permission from the court as well as from the other parent. How can you increase your chances of approval?

Notice of Intent

There are steps to follow in gaining approval for the proposed relocation with your son. One such step is to send a Notice of Intent to Move with Children to the other parent. This will explain your intent to relocate and any changes you need to make to the existing child custody order. If the recipient does not agree with your proposed relocation request, he or she has 30 days to respond by filing an objection with the court. If the 30-day period passes without a response, the court will approve the relocation request as well as the changes to the custody order.

Information to provide

You should prepare to offer a letter or other documentation from your employer that confirms your new position and the need to relocate to an office in another part of the state. The court will want to know about the new neighborhood, schooling for your son, the kinds of extracurricular activities that are available and the prospects he will have for making new friends.

Help from an advocate

Courts always consider the best interests of the child. Any information you can provide that puts the move in a positive light for your son will help you gain the approval you need. Legal guidance can help you clear hurdles and put you and your son on the road to relocation.

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